International and Out-of-Town Patients

As an internationally recognized pediatric urology expert, Dr. Jeffrey Palmer treats children and adolescents of all ages who choose to travel to the United States for his expertise. A large number of patients that he evaluates and treats are international or live out of state. Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute is dedicated to ensuring that patients and families have a positive and seamless experience.

Concierge Service

To assist in the travel process, international and out-of-state patients are assigned a concierge. The concierge assists the patient and family in making the visit as easy as possible. The patient and family are assisted with hotel, flight, car service, dining and entertainment arrangements as well any other travel questions or requirements. The concierge is provided to make you feel at home during your visit.


Please do not hesitate to contact Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute at (216) 292-2111 to arrange a consultation.