Pediatric & Adolescent Urology

Same Day Center






Are you frustrated waiting months for your child to see a specialist?


Are you tired of driving into Cleveland, getting lost in a large facility, seeing a doctor-in-training, and then finally seeing the specialist?


Would it not be nice to be seen the same day by a pediatric urologist in a nearby community office for a urologic condition rather than the emergency department?



Healthcare Providers:


Do you have a patient in the office with a urologic issue that you want to "run by" a pediatric urologist and ask a quick question?


Are you tired of discussing your patients with an on-call urology resident, intern or nurse rather than a certified pediatric urologist?


Are you frustrated with sending your patients with an urgent urologic condition to an emergency department rather than to a pediatric urologist’s local office for same-day care?



The A.S.A.P. is both an immediate 24/7 access for healthcare providers to a certified pediatric urologist and a same-day care service for children and adolescents with urologic conditions:


Available ─ 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-per-week availability for healthcare providers to discuss patients directly with a certified pediatric urologist


Same-day evaluation ─ patients with urologic conditions may be seen the same day with one simple phone call*:


  • Pain ─ testicular, scrotal, penile and flank pain
  • Swelling ─ scrotal and penile swelling
  • Infections ─ urinary tract and penile infections
  • Urinary issues ─ dysuria, frequency, urgency and hematuria

Access ─ patients may be seen at several Eastside, Westside and Southside community offices


Pediatric urologist ─ a subspecialty-certified pediatric urologist and not a doctor-in-training will evaluate your patients


One easy phone number(216) 292-2111 allows easy access for healthcare providers and patients to a certified pediatric urologist.



* Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute is not an urgent care or emergency department. Appointments are required to be evaluated.