Subspecialty-Certified Pediatric Urologist

Question:  Is your child’s pediatric urologist subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology?


Answer:  Dr. Jeffrey Palmer was with the first set of pediatric urologists subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology.


Question:  Are all “pediatric urologists” subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology?


Answer:  No.  Many urologists who mostly treat adults may also care for children.  However, they do not have the qualifications to become subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology.



Question:  Does a subspecialty-certified pediatric urologist require special qualifications in addition to being Board-certified in Urology?


Answer:  Yes.  The requirements include: 1) An additional 24 months training in pediatric urology at only a few approved training programs; 2) at least 75% of the practice dedicated to pediatric urology and/or an adequate experience in major pediatric urologic surgery; 3) peer review; 4) appropriate level of Continuing Medical Education credits; 5) review of the credentials by the American Board of Urology; and 6) passing of the Pediatric Subspecialty Certification Examination.


Question:  Where can I obtain additional information on subspecialty-certification in pediatric urology?


Answer:  The Society for Pediatric Urology website at