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Children are not small adults!  Pediatric and Adolescent Urology is a surgical subspecialty of medicine dealing with the disorders of the urinary and genital tracts of boys and girls. Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute is a group of specialized healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of children and adolescents of all ages with congenital and acquired conditions of the urologic and genital tracts.


Dr. Jeffrey S. Palmer, Institute Director, is an internationally renowned pediatric urologist who has been named several times to the Best Doctors in America® and Cleveland Magazine Best Doctors lists. He has lectured all over the world on his original surgical techniques, penile reconstruction, urinary reflux, and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Palmer has been interviewed on several television and radio programs, including Oprah Radio™, for his expertise on pediatric and adolescent urology. He is also the editor of several textbooks and periodicals, and the author of more than 100 articles and book chapters.



Personalized and State-of-the-Art Care with Traditional Values

Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute provides a unique, comprehensive and personalized experience for both the patients and parents. The Institute provides state-of-the-art care while treating patients and parents with traditional values. Unlike large medical institutions, you are not treated as a number, but rather as an individual with distinct needs. Dr. Jeffrey Palmer established Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute to provide this personalized care with traditional values.




Unique Services

We put great value on personal relationships with our patients. Whether at the reception desk or in the examination room, you will feel attended to at all time. We provide several unique services:


  • Same-day, weekend, and evening appointments
  • Convenient Eastside, Westside and Southside community office locations throughout Northeast Ohio
  • Surgeon availability 24/7
  • Centers of Excellence enhancing care
  • Privileges at several academic facilities
  • Tier-1 provider for University Hospitals employees
  • Tier-2 provider for Cleveland Clinic employees
  • Accept most major insurance including Medical Mutual of Ohio, CareSource, Kaiser and SummaCare




Dr. Palmer’s Books and Chapters

Pediatric Urology: A General Urologist's Guide: Dr. Palmer’s textbook was released by The Humana Press, Inc.  Dr. Palmer is the editor of this twenty-chapter textbook written by internationally-renowned urologists. The textbook had glowing reviews by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), including the statement that this book may be "a useful tool for other clinicians such as pediatricians, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who desire a searchable quick-reference handbook for their clinic."


Pediatric and Adolescent Urologic Imaging:  Dr. Palmer's textbook was released by Springer.  This is the first textbook in which each chapter is written collaboratively by at least one author from both pediatric urology and radiology. Dr. Palmer is an editor of this twenty-one-chapter textbook written by internationally-renowned urologists. This textbook serves as a key reference for pediatric urologists and radiologists, and other healthcare providers.


Pediatric Robotic Urology Dr. Palmer's textbook released by The Humana Press, Inc. is the first urologic textbook dedicated to children undergoing robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Palmer is the editor of this fourteen-chapter textbook written by internationally-renowned urologists. This textbook is a reference for urologists all over the world performing robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery.


Campbell-Walsh UrologyDr. Palmer's chapter entitled "Abnormalities of the External Genitalia in Boys" was published in the 10th edition of this acclaimed four-volume textbook.  This textbook serves as a reference for urologists and other healthcare professionals throughout the world. Dr. Palmer is the only pediatric urologist in Ohio with a chapter in the textbook. His chapter on male genitalia and reconstruction in the new 11th edition is in press.






Subspecialty-Certified Pediatric Urologist

Is your child’s pediatric urologist subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology?


Are all “pediatric urologists” subspecialty-certified in pediatric urology?



Does a subspecialty-certified pediatric urologist require special qualifications in addition to being Board-certified in Urology?





Financing Options

The cost of healthcare has increased dramatically. High deductibles and co-insurance can leave individuals with potentially large medical bills.


Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute offers several financing options not offered at many Ohio medical institutions to make bill payment easier, more convenient and potentially less expensive for you.




NO Facility Fee

Many Ohio medical institutions charge a facility fee for office visits and procedures. This required fee is in addition to your copay and usually not paid for by health insurance companies.


Pediatric & Adolescent Urology Institute DOES NOT CHARGE A FACILITY FEE for office visits or office procedures. You pay enough for your health care!!!




Same Day Center

A.S.A.P. Pediatric & Adolescent Urology Same Day Center TM is both an immediate 24/7 access for healthcare providers to a certified pediatric urologist and a same-day care service for children and adolescents with urologic conditions:



Available ─ 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-per-week availability for healthcare providers to discuss patients directly with a certified pediatric urologist


Same-day evaluation ─ patients with urgent urologic conditions may be seen the same day with one simple phone call*


Access ─ patients may be seen at many Eastside, Westside & Southside community offices


Pediatric urologist ─ a subspecialty-certified pediatric urologist and not a doctor-in-training will evaluate your patients


One easy phone number (216) 292-2111 allows easy access for healthcare providers and patients to a certified pediatric urologist.






* Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute is not an urgent care or emergency department. Appointments are required to be evaluated.


Bladder Control Issues

Has your child had an embarrassing moment in public? Is your child unable to have sleepovers due to urinary accidents? Have you waited long enough for your child to “outgrow” it? Dr. Jeffrey Palmer and his highly trained professionals at the Center for Bladder Control have had great success in treating thousands of children of all ages from all over the world with urinary issues.


These conditions include bedwetting, daytime incontinence, painful urination, urinary frequency and urinary urgency. Dr. Palmer and the Center for Bladder Control also have a large experience in successfully treating children with urinary issues and autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A thorough evaluation and the use of state-of-the-art equipment are used to diagnose and treat children with urinary issues. Pediatric & Adolescent Urology Institute offers natural, behavioral, medical, and surgical options to treat these urinary conditions.



Centers of Excellence

Pediatric and Adolescent Urology Institute has developed several Centers of Excellence to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic, management, and treatment options for newborns, children and adolescents with acquired and congenital abnormalities of the genitalia and urinary tract.  Parental education is the Institute's priority.


A.S.A.P. Same Day Center


Center for Second Opinions


Center for Bladder Control


Center for Reconstructive Urology


Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery


Center for Perinatal Urology


Center for Urinary Reflux





Patient Portal

Our goal is to make your experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. The Patient Portal allows parents the ability to access important information regarding their child's care.  The Patient Portal provides parents convenient access to Dr. Jeffrey Palmer, the other health professionals, and support staff. Please login using the user name and password provided to you when you register your child with our office.


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Caring for Your Children of All Ages

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